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The Final Report of BOHEALTH has been published. Click here to download it.

BOHEALTH Project Achieves its Objectives and will help on Improving the Environmental Performance of Healthcare Centres

BOHEALTH LIFE+ project has started on July 2013 and is now almost finished. It has been a long journey and a lot of achievements have been made. The project consortium composed by “Fundació Hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Tecla (FHSPST)”, “Xarxa Sanitaria i Social Santa Tecla AIE”, SIMPPLE and LEITAT have joined efforts to reach the planned objectives.

The project has been implemented in two healthcare centres, Centre de Llevant i Hospital del Vendrell, both centres located in Tarragona. The project implementation in these two healthcare centres has validated the methodology and the designed tool.

The implementation process has considered the following steps:

  • Collection of the information about resource consumption (water and energy) and waste production

  • Characterization of the centre and the different services comprised

  • Inventory of the main equipment: general equipment, medical equipment and other equipment from support areas (kitchen, laundry, etc.)

  • Introduction of data on the web tool and environmental assessment of the centre for identifying the significant environmental aspects

  • Definition of the sustainable action plan and implementation of the actions to improve the environmental performance


The environmental results expressed by the carbon footprint (CO2 eq) reduction have been the followings:

The project has relied on the collaboration of a group of experts: Mrs. Maria Passalacqua (Club EMAS Catalonia), Sr. Francesc Castell (Rovira i Virgili University), Sr. Josep Mª Massip (Planning and Sustainability Department of the Government of Catalonia) i Xavier Singla (Xarxa Sanitària Sta. Tecla). Also different healthcare centres and other projects as EU HCWM project, SMART HOSPITAL project, RESEEPE project, OPERE project, Project to “Minimize the not consumed meals at hospital” have participated in BOHEALTH project. The consortium would like to thank all of them its collaboration.

Although the project is almost to finished, the project results will be available on the website and the BOHEALTH tool will be available for the healthcare centres that want to improve their environmental performance ( Also, the consortium will support the organizations that want to implement the proposed methodology.


Last 24th may 2016 the final conference of BOHEALTH project “Innovation to improve the environmental performance in healthcare centres” took place.

The event was hold at Col·legi d'Enginyers Graduats i Enginyers Tècnics Industrials de Barcelona. The conference was organized in collaboration with CLUB EMAS and the Universitat de Santiago de Compostela (USC), Corporació Parc Taulí, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, CARTIF Technological Centre and the Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya participated in the event.

During the event, the following initiatives were presented:

  • EU HCWM project which is aimed to the innovative training of the sanitary waste management
  • SMART HOSPITAL project which main objective is the application of the best practices to reduce the climate footprint in the health centres.
  • RESSEPE project applies innovative technologies to modernize the buildings
  • OPERE project which main aim is to implement efficient management systems to the energy network in existing complexes with large energy consumption
  • Project to minimize the not consumed meals at hospital


BOHEALTH project and one of its main results, BOHEALTH tool, were presented in the event. Also the implementation of this tool in two case studies (Hospital de Llevant and Hospital del Vendrell) was introduced.


The presentations are available on the following links:


The closing event was done by Mrs. Georgina Conesa from the Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat (Catalan Government).

The Fundació Hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Tecla, Xarxa Sanitaria i Social Santa Tecla, SIMPPLE and LEITAT thank to all attendants their participation.


Here attached some photos of the event.


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