In the framework of the World Environment Day, BOHEALTH project presents the report on “Best Available Technologies (BATs) and best practises in health sector”, to contribute to improving its environmental performance. This document is one of the first results obtained from the LIFE+ project, to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the health sector.
The report presents a wide variety of environmental improvement measures that can be implemented in the healthcare centres. Fifty BATS and best practises had been compiled and classified according these environmental aspects: energy efficiency and renewable energy Sources, water management, waste management, chemicals use and green procurement.
It contains the description of each measure, as well as the environmental, economical and social benefits. In some measures, case studies are included. These examples had been obtained from existing guidelines, but also contacting directly with technology suppliers and healthcare centres.
This document provides the means to identify opportunities for optimizing healthcare centre activities while reducing environmental impacts and operating costs. The document is available for downloading in the project website. Check it now!

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The second general meeting of Bohealth project, coordinated by Fundació Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Tecla, was held in LEITAT Technological Center headquarters with the consortium members on March 6th 2014. Some of the Advisory Board members attended to the meeting: Dr. Francesc Castells from the Rovira i Virgili University, Mr. Josep Maria Masip from the Planning and Sustainability Department of the Government of Catalonia and Mrs. Maria Passalacqua from the Club EMAS Catalonia.

In the first part of the meeting, SIMPPLE, as Technical Coordinator of the project, presented the technical aspects of Bohealth project. The members of the Advisory Board provided valuable contributions to the project, regarding the tasks already developed but also suggestions for the upcoming tasks.

LEITAT Technological Center presented the results achieved from the first two completed actions of the project. In this line, the results of the environmental assessment conducted for a representative healthcare centre were presented, as well as, the most relevant indicators to evaluate the environmental performance of healthcare facilities. These results are included in the ”REPORT ON PROPOSED KEPIS AND FUNCTIONAL UNITS”. The second action presented by LEITAT was the methodology followed and the results of gathering best available techniques and best practices for the health care sector. The “REPORT ON BEST AVAILABLE TECHNIQUES AND BEST PRACTICES” will be soon available on the Bohealth website.

The individual meetings that are being performed by SIMPPLE and LEITAT with healthcare centres were presented. The aim of these interviews is to determine the environmental management performed by healthcare facilities as well as the indicators used to monitor its evolution and the difficulties encountered to manage these indicators. In addition, best available techniques and best practices already implemented are identified in the interviews with healthcare facilities.

Finally, the communication tasks that are being carried out to disseminate the project were also presented.

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Last 30th of September took place the kick-off meeting of the project at Fundació Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Tecla facilities where representatives from the three partners attended: Fundació Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Tecla, SIMPPLE and LEITAT Technological Center.

In this first meeting the objectives and first steps were presented, and the contents of each of the actions of the technical part of the project were detailed.


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