Presentation of the beta version of BOHEALTH's online tool

On May 7th the partners of BOHEALTH had a meeting with the health centers that had previously contributed in order to present them the beta version of the online tool. Attending health centers were: Vic Hospital Consortium, Institut d'Assistència Sanitaría Foundation Sanitària Mollet and Anoia Health Consortium. Maria Passalaqua Club EMAS, attended as a member of the project advisory committee.
Other collaborating centers like Hospital de Sant Pau, Serveis de Salut Integrats Baix Empordà and Parc Tauli, have shown their interest in the tool but could not attend this meeting.

Attendees were able to see the operation of the tool and make comments regarding its use fordecision-making in the environmental management process of hospitals.
The centers have collaborated on its development will have a fully functional version for testing and validation. Once validated by the different centers, a demo version will be at the disposal of all health centers who want to use a demo version.

Fourth general meeting of BOHEALTH

The fourth general meeting of BOHEALTH project was held on 13th April 2015 at Fundació Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Tecla facilities in Tarragona. The meeting was attended by the consortium members and the Dr. Francesc Castells from the Rovira i Virgili University as an advisory Board member.

bohealth 1
The on-going actions were reviewed in detail in the first part of the meeting. Special attention was focused on the development of web-based application. This tool will be ready soon and it will be disseminated through usual channels: LinkedIn, Twitter and
In the second part of the meeting, the communication and dissemination activities were discussed and future actions were planned. In conclusion, the project is going in the right directions to achieve the expected results planned. Please stay tuned as you will be updated with some news very soon.


On the 14th of October the third general meeting of BOHEALTH project consortium was held in SIMPPLE facilities, in Tarragona. The meeting was attended by the monitoring team of the LIFE+ program and representatives of the Fundació Sant Pau i Santa Tecla, LEITAT and SIMPPLE.

In first part of meeting, SIMPPLE, as technical coordinator of project, presented state of general project actions. Then, LEITAT presented the finalized actions: "definition of KEPIS and the functional unit" and "review of BATS and best practices in healthcare". These, have been preparatory actions and key elements to the development of the remaining tasks. As a result, LEITAT showed identified indicators and necessary parameters for measuring environmental behavior of health centers. Also, the BATS guide and good developed practices were presented which are available on the project website.

Moreover, SIMPPLE presented the methodology developed to be implemented in the web tool that is being developed. In this methodology, three parts can be distinguished: the methodology for the initial assessment of health centers, the prioritization of environmental aspects and the BATs prioritization.

Next, SIMPPLE presented the first alpha version of the web tool. SIMPPLE shown the general structure of the application, its functionalities and the data needed. From this version, and once comments from interested parties are collected, the beta version of the tool will be developed. This version will make appropriate internal calculations and it will be the version to be tested by the health centers.
Finally, LEITAT presented communication and dissemination tasks done in the project. BOHEALTH take part in the National Environment Conference 2014 CONAMA and in The International Congress [Avnir] LCA platform.

Future communication actions to be performed until the close of the project communication are also presented. If you want to receive information about the project, you can send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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